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Etin-Media Have decided to extend our hand and help smaller businesses get more customers online

First, let’s start with a quick short story 


A few months back, a lady who had recently lost her husband, and was deep in financial struggles booked a call with my team asking us to help her get more customers and sales.


After my team spent a few minutes with her on the* call, they figured out exactly what was stopping her from getting sales and what exactly she needed to implement to open the floodgate of customers.


However, we couldn’t help her because she couldn’t afford our service, which is, honestly, sort of expensive. And we couldn’t even tell her what was wrong with her business either, because she wouldn’t understand because she was a layperson in marketing. So, they ended the call and let her go away, her problem unsolved.


When my team told me about this, I was so sad.


Because our goal for starting a marketing agency is to help hardworking entrepreneurs grow their businesses, get customers, make more money and ultimately achieve the lifestyle they deserve.


However, the way our business was structured, we couldn’t make that possible. Because we couldn’t work with smaller businesses because of their financial constraint.


This bothered me because, most of our clients, large enterprises like Wema Bank, Pawn Real estate or Aceplora… are not the ones that need our services the most. 


It is actually smaller businesses who are still struggling with low sales that are trying to make ends meet that need help more.


This issue was something me and my team spent hours thinking about 


We thought about creating a course. But we know traditional courses that just tell you what to do won’t cut it. We wanted something more than those. We needed to be more creative, more innovative… Isn’t that what we entrepreneurs are known for?


That’s when my team member, Favour, came up with this idea.


“Best, how about we create a hybrid program, like a course training + coaching + mastermind community + already made tools and software + worksheets…”


That’s when it struck me.  A Done-With-You offer for smaller businesses.


This offer entails that we set up the marketing system and teach you how to customize it, manage it and teach you how it works so you can later go on to create your own.


And we can charge significantly lower for this.


For the bigger businesses, our offer has not changed: help them get more customers, sales, awareness, visibility and build their brands online with digital marketing.


Now, we are proud to bring smaller businesses along with us.


See, I know how it feels to own a small business. People don’t understand how hard it gets. More than just that, they won’t or can’t support you. It gets real lonely and rough.


And that’s why Etin-Media is committed to supporting businesses. Provide them with our digital marketing services to get them as many customers and sales they can possibly handle.


Ever since we made the first launch for our program, we’ve got results like this …..


And this is just the beginning. We are on a mission to help 10,000 small business owners in Nigeria structure their marketing, start getting as many sales they can possibly handle, and ultimately support their family and live the lifestyle you deserve.


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