11 Best WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation

Every successful lead generation process ever created was backed by, at the very least, a handful of the best lead generation software. For WordPress sites, there are numerous plugins to facilitate each stage of the whole process of getting ordinary visitors to become buying customers. 

WordPress Plugins for lead generation span from tools used for attracting leads to those for capturing, segmenting, and nurturing leads.

There are various WordPress lead generation plugins spread over the web, but the challenge is knowing which of them would make the best addition to your lead gen tools suite. Thus, this list.  

1. SeedProd

page building

A screenshot of the SeedProd editor

It is one of the most-rated landing page builders and lead generation plugins for WordPress. Though it’s mostly used for page building, it has various uses in lead generation. 

The no-code, beginner-friendly software is fitted with a drag-and-drop builder. It also comes with customizable pre-made page templates, buttons, tables, and blocks, that you can use to create your lead generation system.

Apart from using it to build pages, you can use it to create WordPress themes and embed different forms. The plug-in also hides the WordPress header and footer on your forms without changing your website’s theme. 

SeedProd has a subscriber management tool that provides you with info about your leads, e.g. what actions they’re taking, and which channels are bringing them to your website. 

You can add social share buttons to your landing pages to attract potential customers via social media platforms. 

The plug-in integrates with email marketing software. 

2. Formidable forms

form creation

Screenshot-formidable-forms editor

This advanced WordPress form builder is one of the best WordPress plugins for lead generation. Its drag-and-drop builder enables you to create various types of forms for a WordPress website, to gather information on your leads. These forms include straightforward contact forms, client surveys, and email registration forms

You can also use it to build complex multi-page forms,  WooCommerce forms, and user registration forms. It’s quick and easy to use. 

Formidable Forms integrates with email service providers to share user information for email marketing. You are provided with data reports to study user trends so you can modify your lead generation strategy to increase conversions.

Some Features of Formidable Forms:

  • drag-and-drop form builder
  • 170+ form templates
  • Multilingual Forms: translate your forms into multiple languages and collect both local and international leads.
  • Integration with email service providers
  • user tracking and user data reports


funnel builder

This is the best sales funnel builder for WordPress and WooCommerce. 

It comes with a library of pre-made funnels that have different numbers of pages. The templates, which are responsive, can be imported in one click. You can customize them using the WordPress editor and other WordPress-compatible page builders like Elementor, Divi, and Oxygen. 

funnelkit editor-screenshot

FunnelKit can also help you create lightbox popups that darken/block the rest of the page to focus on the popup forms. These forms have offers or promos to encourage your leads to take action, e.g. giving you their email.  

The most remarkable features of FunnelKit are their targeted order bump and upsell options, respectively.

With order bumps, you are able to advertise a related, usually low-cost, offer on the checkout page as your customer is making a purchase. The order bumps are triggered by 17+ rules that you choose. 

The upsell option powers post-checkout pages that showcase related higher-tier offers to customers immediately after purchase. 

It integrates out of the box with FunnelKit Automations, another software by the same company. FunnelKit Automations is a complete toolkit for automating your sales process as it contains a CRM, an email marketing platform, and other sales tools. You can buy it in a bundle deal with FunnelKit. 

All in One SEO 

page optimization 

Getting site visitors through search results is one of the best ways to generate leads. 

AIOSEO is a WordPress plug-in that helps you gain organic site traffic. It assists you in optimizing your posts and pages to get them visible in search engine results. 

A screenshot of AIOSEO plugin in a WP dashboard

This intuitive plugin makes it easy to optimize pages for even beginners. Just after installation, a setup wizard helps you choose suitable SEO settings for your business. Then, you can get help with keywords, titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, rich snippets, schema markup, and sitemaps.

It has advanced features for website optimization. There is the TruSEO feature that offers SEO analysis for a page and then gives you a checklist to help you optimize the page. The plug-in also has a Link Assistant tool that analyzes internal links in a post/page. 

There are also WooCommerce SEO settings that let you optimize products in your online store. 

AIOSEO integrates with email marketing tools and with ChatGPT. 

4 OptinMonster

email lead gen 

A screenshot from optinmonster

OptinMonster is a robust toolkit for lead generation systems, especially for email lead gen and conversion optimization. The software has features that you need to grow your email list, reduce cart abandonment, and optimize your conversion rate.

It helps you to create popup forms with a simple drag-and-drop form builder.

The standout feature of OptinMonster is its Exit Intent option that triggers a popup form when a user is about to leave your site. Add more content for Optin Monster 

The software integrates with most of the popular email service providers.  

Push Engage 

push notifications

PushEngage is the best push notifications plugin for lead generation. It is used by a number of popular businesses, including Domino’s and Harry & David.

a screenshot of pushengage notifications

When users opt-in for notifications, the plug-in sends push messages to their web browsers after they have left your website. You can send targeted notifications about offers, discounts, new blog posts, cart abandonment reminders, etc. PushEngage is very effective for converting users who have previously visited your website.

It also aids you in running an e-commerce store by sending notifications to alert users of new products, deals, or promotions. You can use the tool to create abandoned cart sequences and scheduled messages, to follow up on your leads. 

The software also provides you with data and analytics regarding your push campaigns, such as subscriber engagement and campaign revenue. 


popup notifications  

A screenshot of TrustPulse

A WordPress plug-in for converting site visitors by showing social proof. 

It displays the activity of other users to visitors on your website through popup notifications. This causes FOMO in site visitors by showing them that others are buying and engaging with your offers. Popup notifications, like “Elena just bought the Magic Glitter Bundle” or “7 people purchased this product today”, are powerful FOMO-based motivations for online shoppers. 

We desire a thing more when we see that others are acquiring and/or enjoying it. As social proof alerts are just as powerful as personal recommendations from friends, they can be used to increase website conversions by up to 15%.

Even when you are yet to have real customers as a new business, you can use the Visitor Analytics feature to capture and display page visits, so you send notifications such as “20 people have checked out this product today”.

You have the option to customize the notifications by changing the notification location, appearance and design of the campaign, and more. There’s a built-in analytics feature to help you track the performance of your TrustPulse campaigns. 


customer service chat 

A screenshot of a sample chat on LiveChat

This is a WordPress plugin that enables you to have real-time chats with your (potential) customers. 

Having live chat on your website, you can satisfy customers’ inquiries, offer support, and guide your leads toward purchase. Leads are more informed and convinced about your offers when they have real-time chats with you. And, this makes the conversion process easier and faster. 

On a live chat, you can collect further information from a lead for a follow-up. Chats are available across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

You can set up chat box triggers that send alerts to your leads to nudge them further down in your sales funnel. There are also chart reports to help you measure the effectiveness of your interactions. 

LiveChat integrates with popular email service providers 


business phone service

Nextiva - screenshot

Nextiva is a WordPress VOIP plugin for businesses that are looking to generate leads through phone calls. You can use it to centralize VOIP, video, and chat communications for your business. 

The plug-in makes it easy for leads to contact you via different communication channels. It shares info with other communication tools, like LiveChat, so you can reach your leads across the board. There is a web-based admin panel where you can manage all your communication channels. It is Easy to set up and use. 

Netivia offers business phone features like call routing, voicemail to text and email, SMS texts, and faxing. You will also have access to more sophisticated features like an automated attendant; caller ID and personalized greetings, for more targeted interactions with your leads. A free toll-free number is provided for every new account. 

The software is ideal for large teams, with features for screen sharing and call recording. You can have unlimited video conference calls for up to 40 people. 

Nextiva integrates with many other third-party software including CRM (HubSpot, Zoho), email marketing service providers, and Microsoft Teams.


centers on a CRM

This WordPress plugin for lead generation is a tool that provides you with all the features of the HubSpot marketing software, right from your WordPress dashboard. It also comes with tools to help you capture leads: a form builder, live chat, and chat box. 

A screenshot of the HubSpot plugin in a WP dashboard

The contact details of your added leads are then automatically saved to the HubSpot CRM. This WordPress plug-in works with the CRM to create an all-in-one toolkit to automate an entire lead management process.   

Apart from lead generation, the tool can be used for other marketing processes, including email marketing, scheduling, reporting analytics, etc.

HubSpot WordPress plug-in integrates with numerous other marketing software. 

10. Monster Insights

analytics tool 

A screenshot MonsterInsights analytics

Do you want to have data from your lead generation campaign accessible right within your WordPress dashboard? Your best option is MonsterInsights, a Google Analytics-powered WordPress plugin that tracks different features on your website.

It grants you access to crucial data about your lead generation system, measuring performance on your website, from posts and pages to buttons and forms, etc. It also offers event tracking and e-commerce features.  

The plug-in provides you with info like 

  • Clicks on links and buttons
  • Form submission
  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Bounce rates
  • Top posts
  • Top pages
  • Top downloads
  • Audience demographics 
  • Custom conversions

With MonsterInsights, you can learn about your site’s performance and your audience’s behavior. These two make up the core insights you need to create and refine an effective lead gen strategy. 

Conclusion on Best WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation

If you work with a WordPress site, having the right plugins makes a world of difference for your lead generation system. Choose the most suitable of these WordPress plugins for lead generation to supercharge your strategy.   

And, if you’re looking for expert services for advertising and lead acquisition, reach out to us at hello@etin-media.com, We are eager to help turn total strangers into loyal clients. 

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