The Six Step Guide TO Writing A killer Headline


Headlines are the first thing people see when they come across your content. They can determine whether someone clicks on your ad or reads your article. If your headlines aren’t captivating, you could be losing potential customers. In this post, we’ll give you a six-step guide on how to create irresistible headlines that not only grab attention but also convert.

Step 1: Be Timely

People are drawn to what’s current and relevant to their lives. Use this to your advantage by making your headlines timely and ongoing. For example, instead of a generic “How to Start a New Business?” headline, consider personalizing it to convey ongoing progress, such as “Here’s How I’m Starting My New Business This Year.” Examples that play on recency include:

  • “Unlocking New Tax Strategies: Fresh Insights from This Year’s Changes”
  • “Navigating Entrepreneurship in 2023: Lessons from Successful Startups in Real-Time”

Step 2: Be Relevant

Tailor your headline to address the specific concerns and interests of your target audience. Focus on their challenges and aspirations rather than delving into unrelated topics. Examples that speak directly to the audience include:

  • “Revolutionizing Parenting: A Guide for Entrepreneurial Moms Balancing Work and Family”
  • “Maximizing Profits: Strategies Every Business Owner Should Implement Today”

Step 3: Add a Local Touch

Adding a local touch to your headline can significantly increase relatability. Specify districts, states, or regions to make your content feel more personal and connected to your audience. Examples that bring it close to home include:

  • “How NYC Entrepreneurs Are Doubling Their Sales Overnight Using Local Insights”
  • “Exclusive Tax Tips for Silicon Valley Tech Innovators Navigating California’s Unique Tax Landscape”

Step 4: Highlight the Benefits

Clearly articulate the benefits your audience will gain from reading your content. Focus on solving their problems and fulfilling their needs. Examples that emphasize benefits include:

  • “Mastering Time Management: A Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Success and Increased Productivity”
  • “Retire Rich: The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money Effectively for a Comfortable Future”

Step 5: Keep It Simple and Specific

Creativity is essential, but simplicity ensures your audience intuitively understands your message. Precision adds a layer of credibility and authority. When using numbers, opt for odd ones, such as 3, 5, 7, or 9, for a sense of completion. Examples that showcase clarity and precision include:

  • “5 Essential Steps to Boost Your Business Profits Without Overwhelming Complexity”
  • “How XYZ Saved Me $4,153: A Precise Financial Strategy for Maximum Impact”

Step 6: Stand Out

Being provocative can cut through the noise, but it must be truthful and relevant. Examples that showcase being provocative or polarizing include:

  • “Financial Secrets Unveiled: What UFOs Expose About Our System and Why You Can’t Trust Conventional Wisdom”
  • “Challenge the Norm: How Our Strategies Defy Conventional Wisdom and Propel You Towards Success”


Creating compelling headlines is an art that can elevate your marketing efforts exponentially. By implementing these six key principles, you’re not just creating headlines; you’re building a connection with your audience that goes beyond the initial click.